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By: Marie Rae Correa

In the quiet Suburbs of Strongsville, Ohio on August 2, 1993 Angelina at age 16 gave birth to a miracle. (A miracle because this child, was to survive A life changing experience).  Many Women know the struggle of being a child raising a child, alone, and that was Angelina’s real life. But what makes this story compelling and different is that Angelina’s struggle didn’t end in her teen s. In early 2004, when young Ricky was only 10 years old he started to feel sick. Angelina took Ricky to the Doctors where things started to take a turn for the worst.  Doctor’s conducted a series of blood test where they noticed an abnormality in Ricky’s blood. High Levels of white blood cells and low levels of other cells. Young Ricky had constant headaches, high fever, pain all over, and always felt tired!... Ricky Had Leukemia. Ricky had a long battle with Cancer and he is a survivor of much more than just Leukemia. Ricky had a Series of Radiation Treatments and took many prescription drugs that failed to better his health. The Radiation fought the Cancer but it also destroyed normal cells in Ricky’s body. Ricky’s lungs were destroyed beyond repair from the radiation treatments. Ricky had a double Lung Transplant, but still Ricky was losing a lot of weight and fast, he was on a series of medications including anti-rejection drugs for the double lung transplant. Doctor’s tried many avenues including prednisone, vincristine, daunorubicin, and methotrexate, until 1 Option came to the attention of Angelina in 2007. Marinol.To many whom don’t know yes the name Marinol does sound like Marijuana because The Active ingredient in Marinol is THC (Tetra Hydro Cannabinol). THC, and the Omega-3 & Omega-6 nutrients in Marinol allowed Ricky to put on enough weight to get him out of the danger zone.


In Late 2008,Doctors figured out that the underlying problem that further kept complicating Ricky’s health was a bleeding ulcer in his stomach, a side effect from one of the anti-rejection prescription Ricky was taking for his transplant.


 Now Ricky Gray is 17, A Survivor, and A very Happy young man, enjoying life’s essence because Marinol allowed him to have the appetite his body couldn’t produce ON ITS OWN. Ricky plans on seeking a career in the Cannabis Industry by attending a Cannabis University and becoming involved in the movement of the drug he proclaims Saved His Life!

As Ricky Says “Pot Saved My Life, It’s A Miracle Drug”

Ricky Gray


By: Marie Rae Correa

It is such an agony, when the people whom we trust with our health and well being in, would deliberately mal-practice on us. Leaving us in agony of medicine all together, but sometimes it is best said that mother earth knows best.

About a year ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting a very delightful person. Her charisma and grace is motivating to me. Her name is Ginny, a victorious survivor. Ginny Ortega was born on June 18, 1974 in the small town of Welton, Az in Yuma County.  You could call her coming of age, as a young lady that grew up hard and fast.  Ginny became pregnant at a young age. If that wasn’t backbreaking enough for this young lady, she became a victim of A dreadful doctor and his medical mal practice, which resulted in the loss of her son’s life and her young healthy life as she knew it.

She spent the next 15 years on Oxygen, and endured a radical heart and lung transplant. Today she is     6 years post transplant and off Oxygen, and A woman that could walk on air.

However the story goes on, 3 years ago Ginny started to develop uncontrolled nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. She lost well over 65 pounds, and her health started to dissipate fast. She visited many Doctors, had countless test, all without yielding any results or a way for her to find relief. Ginny was struggling to survive, some days she wasn’t able to take her medication and without her meds, rejection of her transplant was imminent.  Ginny was on series of nausea medication including  
phenergan, zofran, reglan, and compazine on and off again for 3 years, and all failed to alleviate her pain.

The amazing part of Ginny, is that she has a strong family and friend support system. Her friends suggested, she use cannabis in some form to alleviate her pain and allow her to gain her appetite back.  They educated her that the THC (Tetra hydro Cannabinol) the main chemical in Cannabis would provide sustenance for her ailments.  Nevertheless, Ginny worried about many things. Her stigma as a transplant patient, the rest (of her families) judgment, and the legal aspect.

Before Ginny became re-acquainted with Cannabis, and viewed it as medicine she saw it as a recreational drug.  Ginny first experience cannabis when she was 14. She never used it for symptoms beyond her control, however when she used it, it was mostly on and off before her health downgraded.

Before long, Ginny started medicating with Cannabis and soon found it to be the ONLY helpful medication to pacify her pain of nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. Ginny medicates with cannabis everyday because without it her cycle of never ending illnesses return, and she will be hospitalized.

She medicates by smoking, vaporizing, concentrates, edibles, and if Hospitalized Marinol.  She alternates methods depending on her daily necessities. She reports a 60 % reduction in her over all body aches and pain. In Addition, her nausea and vomiting are kept under manageable control.


 Today Ginny is 36, and she soon plans on moving to California. The Golden State is an opportunity Ginny wants to embrace because of the freedom our Prop. 215 MMJ community shares, to medicate. Ginny wants to exercise her freedom to be Healthy, Happy, and Supported. Ginny recently loss her med coverage and hopes that California will be a compassionate place to call home. I’ll tell you from my experience of being a California native I can’t blame my friend, California is the place to be!. The supporters are everywhere from the elderly lady waiting for the bus to your 3 piece suit business man. Finally, I plan on getting her in contact with my network of cannabis activist, classes, and shops to further her opportunity.


In Ginny’s own words:

Now, I learned about suffering and alleviation thru Marijuana. Also, I‘ve seen political prisoners like Eddy Lepp. non violent marijuana convictions, & wrongly imprisoned Americans. I’ve experienced feeling like A criminal to have relief from a horribly debilitating illness.

Now I’m learning of concentrates, cooking, and many ways to medicate. Plus all the useful things Marijuana can be made into. I’ve met wonderful likeminded kind people that are more active than my non smoker friends, in their lives, and their community, like you.

This November, we will RE-VOTE here n Arizona to pass the medical marijuana bill, but under very strict guidelines. In some cases I feel these new bills are going backwards and not forwards if they are putting such restraints that are going to make it very difficult for patients to acquire their medication all together. My hope is that all people everywhere suffering who need cannabis will be able to get it easily like they do the harsh body harming chemical medications we pick up at our many pharmacies. Marijuana is natural, it is safe, and it’s worked for me and countless more.



                                                                                 Ginny Ortega, Welton Az


By: Marie Rae Correa

 It is not often that a brand new sport is born. A sport takes the dedication of uniquely talented individuals that sets them apart or makes them exclusive in order to be part of a team. A Team let alone teamwork is not an overnight collaboration that you build. There’s a lot of through planning that goes into a venture like this one. THE 420FL is that sport!

 Established in Early 2009, THE 420FL is the world’s first Smoking Sport. Smoking a sport? Yes a Sport, For the Recreational use of Cannabis, and A sport for all enthusiasts alike. Headed by an inner league of volunteers, The 420FL receives all the support it gets from Activist such as The Commissioner Bob Sherman, Colorado commissioner Gunny, Spokespersons Henry and January Hemp. The 420FL also has 2 General Managers, A Director of Marketing, A product Sales Director, And 2 Artist Ditch Cali and I Kushed Out.

Inside THE 420FL, you will find a unity of Activist and Friends alike that compete for one cause, Equality for all. You will find teams like The 420 Nurses, The Bubbas, The Hempsters, The Hustlers, The Ganjas, The Kushins, The Tokers, & The Train Wreckers. Anyone is encouraged to join THE 420FL, and start their own team and get their own trading cards for under $100. I did! And, I hold the Female Record for the longest Bong Rip Held at 1:20 seconds. The overall record is held by a young man, at a 1:58 seconds, it’s not easy to compete against a trombone player, trust me. We are ending the stigma that we are not all just stoners, but your professional Monday-Friday accountant as well.

There are also a set of rules within THE 420FL and Drug testing is mandatory. T.H.C is the only acceptable substance, of course. One game, consist of 32 Tokes, Each Team consist of 4 to 6 players, & Each Game is Four Quarters. The game starts by flipping a coin, and if a coin is not present the visitors/away team goes first. Each team has 4 downs per Period, and 4 Periods per game, entitling both teams to 16 tokes each. The amount of yardage and how the team will advance is determined on the length of time each player holds in a hit. But come prepared, there are fumbles here too, if you fail to hold in your hit and cough it out your hit will only not count but you’ll probably risk being benched by your team, so be ready to play and take hits like a linebacker!

THE 420FL is teaming up with players in others states and within this coming year hopes to make it A national phenomena. THE 420FL Has already taken the west coast by storm and football bong and also plans on showing the rest of the nation what we are capable of doing collectively. Talking about Football Bongs, The League also carries ‘THE COLLECTION” surely you’ll find a practice bong you will absolutely love for the next time you plan to compete. I love Football and I love Bongs and I love The Collection. So it wasn’t rocket science to me, space cadet.

Earlier this year, THE 420FL felt under scrutiny of the Actual NFL. Receiving 2 letters from the NFL, In the letters, they stated that THE 420FL would tarnish their good name and reputation with their replication of the shield with Marijuana leafs. THE 420FL’s Response to that, “How can we tarnish a league name or image that already has convicted animal abusers, & weapons violators, they do a good job at it themselves. They also have had their own players charged with the possession of marijuana, and much more at that.” I personally think that The NFL should not worry about the reputation we as THE 420FL set, but should focus their efforts vigorously on their league of players that are threatening a walk-out. Because as an American, I can’t live without Football on TV, and that’s Real Talk!

The 420FL also received recognition form TMZ, due to the NFL Logo break. I say if TMZ covered it we are either controversial or on to something worthwhile. People from all corners of the continent are starting to recognize and inquire about The World’s first Smoking Sport! Do you have what it Tokes? Or Takes?

 If so check us out at www.420FL.com, and sign-up to our community of competitive smokers, Today!


At 420 College we've been holding live seminars in Los Angeles, Burbank, Sacramento, Redondo Beach, Fresno, San Jose, San Francisco California and Las Vegas, Nevada since it was founded in March of 2009. And wherever we haven't been, we'll be there soon. 420 College is aimed to provide the most up to date information on ever so fast changing medical marijuana laws and regulations for medical marijuana businesses in California.

420 College is headed by president and founder, George Boyadjian. After working in the construction industry for the last 10 years and operating his own remodeling company for the last 5 years, George decided to pursue his real passion of working in the medical marijuana industry after the construction industry along with several other industries where damaged by the fading economy.

After attending Oaksterdam University to learn how to start his medical marijuana business, George started his own medical marijuana collective in the Central Valley (Fresno Compassion Association) and decided to start 420 College to spread the word about this fast rising industry from his own personal experiences and the experiences of his associates who own and operate successful medical cannabis facilities. The law curriculum at the 420 College seminars is being given by the best medical marijuana attorney William McPike, who has over 30 years experience in the law.

420 College teamed up with the best medical marijuana attorney, William McPike, have been an unbreakable force in the movement of educating Americans about the exciting medical marijuana industry. 420 College has the professionals you need to consult with if you want to start a successful medical marijuana business in California. At the time when 420 College started in March of 2009, there were only 2 schools in the entire nation (Oaksterdam and MCC). Now there are over 100. Many of the folks who started their educational marijuana schools have got their education from 420 College founder and attorney Bill McPike.

Since the start of 420 College, we have successfully completed 52 seminars throughout California and 1 in Las Vegas Nevada. There have been more than 600 people who have come through the doors of 420 College (to date 09-10-10), many of them started operating their own medical marijuana businesses shortly afterward. There is no reason why anyone should not be able to start their own medical marijuana business, after consulting with the 420 College staff. We constantly hear from folks who have started and have been operating their business with much success thanks to our teachings and paperwork provided. We have teamed up with insurance agents, merchant account services, advertisers and many other important professionals to help you operate a successful medical marijuana business.

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