“You aint know how to play no game” is one of the quick rebuttals you will hear from one of the Lilliputian Mites™ on Lab Media Games premier of its Mites™ game available on the Android Market come April 20, 2013. I had the great honor of being able to test out this game in the midst of the making. Being able to input ideas to enhance the user experience gave me such a gratification to bring you all an amusement to truly enjoy. Mites™ will captivate you from the Grow-Op Mode to the Arcade mode, not to mention the real time awards that you will receive from sponsors once you complete the 8 levels in the Grow-Op mode. High scores are addictive to me and being able to dice on this opportunity in Arcade Mode to racket with my peers really made this game an abundant pleasure to share with my entire following.

In arcade mode you will achieve a cannabis leaf rating system with 1 for Fair. 2 for Good, and 3 for Great. You could be awarded with either a “Pity” round or “Bonus” round depending on the skill set used to finish the level. DO YOUR BEST to ameliorate your cannabis nug collection you’ll receive at the completion of all 8 levels. Yes Nugs, 8 Levels, and Skill Set. This game is not meant to be easy and made to be interactive for your entertainment. Mites™ come in 4 colors, the objective is to smash the mite once it jumps and lifts off in the color section portraying to the mite. AVOID the black hole or they will vortex your points away as the Mites™ find it entertaining to jump right into it. The more Mites™ you smash in the correct fashion, the more points you get, and therefore the better nugs you collect towards your trophy case. Once you are at your trophy case you could either choose to “Burn It” or “Stash It”. When you “Burn It” you will receive real time offers from sponsors and when you “Stash It” you will be adding to your nug collection, Both are rewards you yield depending on the ingenuity you use to reach your accolade and before you realize it you will find yourself to be a Mites™ expert while challenging your friends to match or beat your HIGH score.

Arcade Mode has to be my cup of tea. I enjoyed smashing the Mites™ to avoid the Black Hole, my fruition was in reaching the HIGHEST Score, plus the giant Mites™ you smash are worth 30 points instead of 10. This April 20, 2013 make sure to reach for your android device and download Mites™. You will be plenty entertained for $1.99, Yes something this convivial is that affordable. LAB MEDIA GAMES gets 2 thumbs up on this application!
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